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            Photo Company

            Mangement Honors

            Environmental CertifcationQuality Certification


            Being the largest productin base for pyrethroids and NewHighTechnology Enterprise in China ,Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co.Ltd was established in 1999,As a main pesicide pesticide exporter,Yangnong is one of the earlier cerifed ISO9001,ISO14001 and GB/T28001 chemica companies in China.Besides,Yannong is the only publiclisted company with leading products of pyrethroids in China.

            In the past years, aiming at developing national pyrethroids industry,Yangnong kept up independent innovation and implemented brand strategy.actively pushing the upg-rading 0f the agriculture industry structure in China. Now it has the multiple products structure with core of pyrethroids, leading of pesticides and supplement of fine chemicals.Two products fill vacancies in the world and more than 20 products fill vacancies in China.


            Add: NO.39 WenfengRoad.Yangzhou.Jiangsu.China P.C.: 225009

            Tel: +86-514-85889958 Fax: +86-514-85889900 Mail: trade@yangnong.net