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            from update time:2008-11-14   

            Chemical  Name:


            Structure Formula:

            Molecular Formula: C24H25NO3

            Molecular Weight: 375.47

            Cis/trans: 20:80

            CAS No.: 39515-40-7

            Properties: It is a yellow viscous liquid. Density d4 1.08,V.P.4×10-4Pa(30℃),viscosity 3400CP(20℃),burning point 130℃. It is hardly soluble in water, soluble in many organic solvents such as xylene, kerosene etc and comparatively stable to heat.

            Toxicity: Acute oral LD50 to rats 318mg/kg.

            Application: It can be sprayed in houses, industrial areas and non-foodstuff manufacturing zone to control mosquitoes and flies, especially effective on cockroaches. It is also used in mosquito-repellent incense, mosquito net soaking, wool preserving, etc. It is effective to many kinds of insect pests.

            Proposed Dosage: In aerosol,0.1%-0.2% content can be formulated with tetramethrin as lethal agent. In cockroach medicine flake,7%-14% content.

            Specification: Technical≥94% 

            Package: Iron drums,20kg/drum




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